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Interesting Things You Can Do While in Vatican City

A trip to the Vatican City is not for the Catholics only. Therefore, tourists of all kinds are free to visit the Vatican city whenever they feel like. There are many more unknown gems that Vatican city can offer.

Make sure to do the following interesting activities while in the Vatican city. The first activity is to visit the Sistine chapel in the Vatican city. The chapel is the biggest tourist attraction site where every tourist is eyeing to go. The Sistine is comparable to a tour of the greatest hits of Michelangelo. A fun fact you might want to know is that the contract between the Vatican and Nippon Television Network Corporation, which prohibited photography in the chapel, has come to an end. This means you can sneak your camera while visiting the Sistine chapel.

The second fun activity to do is to visit the Vatican Necropolis. It was mainly started to serve as a burying place for Christians who were martyred at the Circus of Nero. There is a rumour that the remains of St. Peter are in the Vatican Necropolis.The Vatican Necropolis is full of history and worth visiting. A trip to Castel Sant’Angelo must be on your to do list. Castel Sant’Angelo remains to be the only towering cylinder, which does not serve any religious function.

Roman Emperor Hadriah ordered the building of this towering cylinder so that him and his family would be buried there. Castel Sant’Angelo is today used as a museum that comprises of vintage prints and modifications to show its history. One thing you can do in this tower is to view the entire Vatican city and Rome. Make sure to include Saint Peter’s Basilica in your to-do-list. For those looking to engage your partner, this is the perfect place. The site is both beautiful from the outside and inside and you get to view the Pieta.

The Sunday Angelus, which is hosted by the pope, is another amazing idea and learn more. The Sunday Angelus comprises of the pope greeting people in several different languages and later ending the speech with a prayer. Another museum to visit is the Vatican museums. You will get to see Candelabra’s gallery, tapestries, and many other galleries of maps.

Touring Saint Peter’s Square is another amazing thing to do. Its focal and beauty point are the Egyptian obelisk and the two fountains. If you are vacating Vatican city, do not fail to go the Vatican Gardens. You should enjoy the natural beauty and fortifications in much silence.Finally, make sure you include the Swiss Guard in the places you want to visit while in the Vatican city and click here for more. It is important to note that there no entry charges you will pay when going to the Swiss Guard. Now that you know what to do while in the Vatican City, it is time to plan your trip.

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